Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another day!

The last couple days have been somewhat uneventful! I can say that with much relief.

Tuesday, my friend Jennifer came and picked up the kids and took them back to her house for the afternoon. I spent about 2 hours by myself at home which was really nice! Then Joel came home and we went to the movies. We saw Star Trek! WOW! I loved it! My dad would have enjoyed it too, him being a 'trekky' and all. :) Then we picked the kids up and went to have some dinner. Joel Jr. didnt want to go, he wanted to go home. But he had to eat. He did well after we got some chips for him. By the time they got home they were both so tired. With playing outside and swimming at Jens house and no nap....Nyssa who normally goes to bed around 930, was out by 830 and Joel was out by 915, which is REALLY early for him since he has been known to stay awake till 11pm some nights. It was nice because Joel and I got to spend some more alone time together.

Wednesday, I picked up a couple job applications. I will return them tomorrow. I also applied for a receptionist job online. I have to do something to help offset slow times with business.

Joels mom will be out here in a couple weeks! I am so excited! We have some fun stuff planned this trip. And she will be here for Little Joels 3rd birthday party on July 11th! :) I got his invitations yesterday and need to mail them. First I have to buy some stamps.

I also picked up 4 fathers day cards. 3 for daddy and 1 for Papaw. His will be late because I dont have any stamps. The kids and I worked on daddy's present too yesterday morning. I hope he likes it!

Today, I made a practice birthday cake for Joel's birthday but I think I have decided not to use that one. I will keep looking for cute ideas. I have found a lot, just a matter of 'can I do them.' I need to get some more decorating tips and bags and a spinning cake holder. I forgot how much I love decorating cakes! I can be creative and the kids dont care how ugly it looks as long as they can eat it. :)
We took the kids swimming too. It was already 90 at noon. So we put them in their swimsuits and put sunscreen on them and took them out. The water was cold at first but Joel Jr just went right in. Took Daddy and I a couple minutes and Nyssa cried because she didnt want anything to do with it. But after I got in and carried her around the pool and she got used to it, she was having so much fun! We stayed for about an hour. To many teenagers being loud, using foul language and splashing around the kids and Little Joel said 'im done'. They had fun and so did Daddy and I.
Somedays are so easy while others are hard but I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world! They are what make me who I am!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just the beginning

Well my sister in law has inspired me to blog. I feel is she has time for it, I can take a couple minutes out of the day and do it too :) Thanks Katy!

Today has just started and is already a struggle. Nyssa wakes up every morning is such a wonderful mood. She is always smiling and ready to play. I put on Sprout TV for her and she sat there and watched it for a bit before Joel woke up. Joel 90% of the time wakes up in a good mood and this morning was no different. That quickly changed. He wanted to go with Daddy to work and of course he cant. He cried for daddy for 10 minutes until I told him we could go outside and play. I walked into the bedroom to gather some laundry to wash while we were down stairs. I was no more than 10 seconds before I heard the front door open and Joel was almost to the stairs. He refused to come back in so I picked him up and brought him in and told him he lost his outside time because he went out without me. That didnt make him happy at all. He screamed and started throwing his magnetic letters. I got on to him and put him in a chair to calm down and he screamed louder. I ignored him and he got his blankie and finally calmed down.

Nyssa has started to pick up on these temper tantrums as well. When she doesnt get what she wants, she makes it known that she is not happy. I dont like spanking them at all because I feel like Im just encouraging hitting. Time outs arent working very well at all. I do not know what to do with them. I try to be patient with them because I know they are only children but sometimes its very hard not to lose my cool.

On a more postitive note, a friend of mine is picking them up at noon today to take them to her house to play with her son, Sheronn for the afternoon. Its warm enough so they get to play in the water too. Joel loves going over there because he has a play set in the yard. :) This will give me some time alone today to clean and do laundry. Joel has 2 service calls today but I hope he will be home before I have to pick up the kids so we can do something together, just the 2 of us. We havent been on a 'date' in I cant remember when!

Ok, well more to come :) Happy Tuesday!